This is my first post. I thought I might discuss is the upcoming release of the GNU General Public License. The Free Software Foundation have now reached the third draft and it is looking pretty good.

For those of you who aren’t aware of how the GPL works, the GPL seems to suggest that you can waive certain rights and maintain other rights when distributing creative works. Principally attribution in the work is maintained, but the freedom to copy and modify the work and source material is passed on to any person that receives (anyone who receives the work) and accepts the license. It is used primarily as a software license as source material may have little meaning in other areas of creative work.

There are new clauses on patent retaliation and TIVOisation, but I don’t believe the new draft license goes as far as prohibiting DRM applications.

[P.S. Perhaps I should have mentioned that the GPL version 3 was published on 29th June 2007.]